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Wilchem UNPLUG Fast Evaporating Industrial Degreaser

Wilchem UNPLUG Fast Evaporating Industrial Degreaser

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UNPLUG removes oil, grease, tar, and lubricants. Solvents evaporate entirely, leaving no residues on cleaned surfaces. Due to VOC regulations, it is unavailable for sale in CA, CT, MD, PA, NJ, OH, MA, ME, MI, NY, DE, VA, DC, NH, IL, IN, and UT.

It is used on circuit boards, electrical contacts, electric motors, machinery parts, electronic equipment, molds, textiles, and more. For use in automotive repair shops, electric services, electrical contracting, electronic computing equipment, fabricated metal products, heating and air conditioning services and more.

  • Removes oil, grease, tar & lubricants
  • Evaporates fast, leaving no residue
  • Versatile, non-corrosive formula
  • No chlorinated solvents

5-gallon pails; 55-gallon drums
H-1, F-3, R-0, P-B.

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