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Heskins® TCR thick coarse resilient anti slip tape is produced with the same effective slip-protection as the rest of our coarse resilient range, with one notable difference. It is produced at a thickness of 0.07″.


We have introduced thick, coarse resilient anti-slip tape to the range due to the high demand for a non-abrasive material primarily for stair-nosing inserts. Many inserts have a depth which non-slip tapes of regular thickness cannot fill. While we have created thick Safety-Grip to combat the issue, some people do not want an abrasive solution.

TCR thick coarse resilient adds to the range of the best and most competitively priced self-adhesive, anti-slip, stair nosing inserts.

As mentioned, thick coarse resilients anti-slip surface is produced using the same embossing technique as our other coarse resilient variants. Our DIN51130 and Pendulum BS7976 coefficient of friction test results back this up.

While aimed as suitable for stair nosing inserts, thick coarse resilient is not limited to this application exclusively. Many clients who require an anti-slip solution will benefit from thick coarse resilient thickness and strength tolerances.

Colors & Sizes

Heskins® produce thick coarse resilient in black, blue, yellow and grey with rolls widths ranging from 1″ to 49″.

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