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Viking's Super Bowl

Viking's Super Bowl

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All-in-one bowl and microprocessor-controlled latching solenoid valve for feeding either powder or solid chemicals into a pot and pan sink, bus pan, washing machine, or mop bucket. The run time is set with a potentiometer, and all features are toggled on or off with dip switches.

VIKING'S SUPERBOWL now offers a simplified control board with potentiometer run time control and dip switch selectable features. The unit operates on 4 AA Alkaline Batteries (not included). It offers a 3-second to 5-minute run time, 2, 5, and 10-minute optional lockouts, and an optional mid-cycle shut-off. It can be triggered from a laundry machine with a 24-240 volt signal. When used with the Chem$aver Laundry Trigger Board, it runs in timed or relay mode.

– 2, 5, and 10-minute end user lockouts available.
– Mid-cycle shut-off feature available.
– Unit can be manually triggered or signaled by a laundry machine (24-240 volt AC/DC signal) when ordered with Chem$aver Laundry Trigger Board (CLTB)

AUTOMATED SOLID OR POWDER LAUNDRY DISPENSING (Each unit includes Chem$aver Laundry Trigger Board )

Instruction Sheet

CLTB Instruction Sheet

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