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Solid Square Wafers

Solid Square Wafers

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Thirty-Day Wafer       ALL NEW FRAGRANCES-200 per case. Call Us to Mix Scents. 25 per pack, eight packs per case. 


NAME               Strength      Description 

Aloe Blossom    Medium   Sea Minerals & Aloe Blend

Apple Jack         Strong      Applesauce Harvest Type

Berry Blast          Strong      Juicy Sweet Mixed Berries

Cherry                 Strong      Bright Red Cherry Mix

Cinnaspice           Medium   Red Hot Spicy Cinnamon Stick

Endless Summer  Medium Floral Cucumber Blend

Garden Lavender  Strong   Fresh Lavender & Garden Flowers

Golden Mango     Strong   Tropical Blend of Mango & Papaya

Grape                   Strong    Juicy Ripened Candy Grapes

Grapefruit             Medium Long Lasting Tart Grapefruit

Green Melon        Medium Honeydew Melon Fruit Bowl

Island Breeze       Strong  Tropical Pineapple Coconut Blend

Jazzmania            Strong   Beautiful Jazmine Waterlily Bouquet

Laguna Breeze     Strong   Pineapple Cherry Wood

Laundry Fresh      Medium Clean Fresh Laundry

Floral Lemon        Medium Lemon Zesty Peel

Linen                    Medium Trendy Sun-Dried Cotton Blend

Odorless              Light Odorless Neutralizer

Orange Frosty      Strong Creamsicle Fragrance

Pink Grapefruit     Strong Sparkling Pink Grapefruit & Zest

Raine                    Strong  Vibrant Citrus Floral Blend

Red Raspberry     Strong   Juicy Tart Berry Fragrance

Sierra Springs      Medium  Amber Spicey Blend

Spring Time         Medium  Fresh Flower Bouquet

 Tropicana           Medium Tropical Fruit Nectars

Vanilla Kreme      Medium Vanilla Cream Soda Type

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