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SLIDE OUT Dry Silicone Spray Food Grade

SLIDE OUT Dry Silicone Spray Food Grade

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SLIDE OUT Dry Silicone Spray Food Grade is designed to lubricate equipment used in the packaging and processing industry. Slide Out leaves a non-staining, dry, pure silicone film to lubricate moving parts, reducing friction and wear. NSF H-1.

The product is heat stable from -35°F to 300°F. It is also formulated as a release agent on seals and gaskets of tank closures.

Lubricates all sliding surfaces except those you wish to paint. Excellent on RV slideouts. Use on sticking metal, wood, rubber, and plastic. Apply to cutting tables, conveyors, heat sealing, and slicing equipment. Waterproofs leather, canvas, rubber, and chrome surfaces. Safe on all plastics. Contains no methylene chloride. Won't melt, freeze, gum, or become rancid—Complies with FDA regulations.

  • Concentrated formula. A little SLIDE OUT goes a long way.
  • Reduces friction between moving parts even for metal-to-metal contact surfaces. Parts last longer.
  • The clean, dry spray does not leave a sticky residue behind.

12 - 20 oz cans/case, 11.5 oz net weight
H-1, F-3, R-0, P-B 

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