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Heskins conformable traction tape is perfect for applying onto an irregular surface such as diamond treads, also known as checker plate or diamond plate.

If you have an irregular surface, you need a product that can cope with the intricacies of this demanding application. Diamond tread can be a dangerous surface; it is potentially lethal when wet, creating a greater risk of slips. The levels of grip can also be very low; this is measured in Coefficient of Friction (COF). Applying conventional tape does not work successfully since the peaks and valleys result in the stretching of the plastic film. Thus when applied into the valleys, it will want to revert to its original flat state; this will then result in the tape lifting off the surface and becoming useless. Heskin's conformable tape has a completely different construction designed to work perfectly as diamond plate tape.

The conformable anti slip tape seems very similar to a conventional grip tape, but instead of a plastic base, we use a soft aluminum foil base. This ensures the conformable traction tape conforms to the surface properly. Our tapes must also be applied to a clean, dry surface. To apply conformable anti slip tape, you simply press the tape onto the surface, aligning it correctly, and with the use of a soft rubber mallet (which we can supply), hit the traction tape so it forms into the shape of the diamond tread pattern, reducing the chance of tears and material failure.

The upper surface of conformable anti slip tape is an abrasive mineral coat; the minerals that we apply to ensure that the customer receives a product that provides Coefficient of Friction levels far in exceed any State or Federal requirement. Non-slip flooring requirements are required on the MIL SPECS MIL-17951, MIL-5044 & MIL-PRF-24667, OSHA, and Americans with Disabilities Act 2008.

Conformable Anti Slip Tape Sizes

Rolls of conformable anti slip tape are available in width from ¾ inches up to 39 inches (black/yellow hazard chevrons are up to 20 inches ). We can produce any length (on request) from 5ft to 300ft.

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