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Heskins anti-slip tapes already feature high levels of chemical resistance, but the potential strength of a chemical to degrade the performance of Heskins anti-slip tape will vary. Common chemicals in the workplace, such as soap, water, and certain petrochemicals, will not affect the material’s surface. However, in sporadic cases, an anti-slip surface can be submerged in a very aggressive chemical. Some of our customers work with solutions that could be problematic in performing an anti-slip surface, such as high-concentrate MEK, toluene, acids, and alkalis. For most applications, Heskins conventional Safety Grip tape performs to exceptional levels, but in rare cases, certain situations can cause problems:

Chemical Retention

Some mild chemicals, such as cleaning agents mixed with water, can be trapped on the surface with no way of escaping, and the fluids forming in the valleys of the anti-slip tape can, over time, damage the resins that hold the abrasive grit onto the plastic film, causing it to shed.

Harsh Chemicals

Heskin's anti-slip tape is not designed to withstand harsh chemicals, toluene, MEK, etc. The chemicals can have a detrimental impact on the resin, affecting the anti-slip tape's durability.

What Makes Chemical Resistant Anti Slip Tape Different?

Heskins modified the upper bonding resin to help prevent problems caused by the harshest chemicals. The resin has been designed to withstand long-term exposure to high concentrations, harsh chemicals. This has all been done while upholding the performance levels of the anti-slip tape, with the same Coefficient of Friction ( grip level measure ) as our range of anti-slip tape.


Chemical resistant anti slip tape is available in 3 grades:

  • Standard
  • Coarse
  • X-Coarse with HG adhesive

All 3 have the same grit, aluminum oxide, used with our general range of anti-slip tapes, but use the special chemical-resistant resin to bond the grit to the backing film.

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