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Our Ribbed Rubber (type) Anti Slip Tape (H3435) is our second symmetrical non-abrasive anti-slip material. H3418 was our first symmetrical product, and due to its popularity, we decided to develop the concept further. We often get asked if we can produce rubber anti-slip materials. Natural products such as rubber and cork create problems with our quality control procedures, natural products vary from batch to batch, and each inconsistency, however small, can create significant problems when trying to coat the product with adhesives or choose the correct slitting machine recipe.

Synthetic materials enable us to define quality procedures to guarantee our customers the consistency they require for their processes. Our H3435 is produced from plastic, but it is almost indistinguishable from a rubber material; the appearance closely mimics what a ribbed rubber product would look like but with the advantages of a plastic composite. The H3435 ribbed rubber non-slip tape provides a high coefficient of friction (grip). H3435 is a very thick anti-slip material; as the film is so deep, we can coat extra adhesion onto it, providing exceptional high adhesion levels. Its construction allows it to cope underwater if required.

The H3435 Ribbed Rubber anti-slip tape is excellent for use as a lining for toolboxes, as the raised ribs allow any debris and excess to fall away from your tools, stopping the risk of them being submerged and possibly damaged. Ribbed rubber non-slip tape also makes excellent anti-slip matting when drainage is needed.

H3435 is easily cut into slit rolls or die cuts as required. Standard roll lengths are 9.15m or 18.3m, but we can easily create any length up to 100m. Our custom shape die cuts are accurate to 0.1mm, we have thousands of cutting tools available, and we can easily check on our database what the nearest available size would be or quote on a new die cutter as required.

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