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Pro Scentnal For Spraying Odor Suppressing Chemicals

Pro Scentnal For Spraying Odor Suppressing Chemicals

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Automatically sprays deodorizing chemicals through an adjustable brass spray nozzle to treat dumpsters, trash chutes, compactors, and other areas requiring odor control. It uses an electromechanical timer and flexible circuit board for dosing activations and can deliver up to 48 feeds per 24 hours. Operates on standard 110-volt wall plug – pump delivers
18 ounces per minute.

PRO SCENTNAL for spraying odor-suppressing chemicals. 120 Volt unit - 18 oz./min pump - Same features as High-Speed Pro Drain Chief complete installation kit, including adjustable brass spray nozzle. 24-hour timer, 1 - 48 events per day, 10-second to 10-minute run time, the same for every activation.

An optional Viton tube is available.
Export (230 Volt / 50 Hertz) units are available

Instruction Sheet

Pro Viton tube available

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