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Pro Manual Laundry Systems

Pro Manual Laundry Systems

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The Pro Manual Laundry System is a 1-3 pump push button operated chemical dispenser. The system requires a 110-volt outlet for power, and each pump produces approximately 18 ounces per minute. A circuit board controls the run time for each pump and offers a 3.5-minute lockout activated by clipping a resistor.

There is a Dry Detergent 1 Product Manual Laundry dispenser available for top loaders as well
– used with a Viking Bowl to provide a timed powdered/solid laundry detergent dose.

PRO MANUAL LAUNDRY SYSTEM - Remote push button operated system, perfect for top loaders. Pumps deliver 18 ounces per minute. Includes complete installation kit.

 Instruction Sheet Liquid

Instruction Sheet Dry

Instruction Spanish

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