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Pro Battery Drain Chief

Pro Battery Drain Chief

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Usage: grease traps, drain maintenance, and odor control.

Automatically feeds chemicals into drains and grease traps to break up grease and eliminate odors. It uses a digital timer for dosing activations and can give up to 8 feeds per 24 hours. Minimum 1-minute run time increments – pump delivers 4 ounces per minute at 12 VDC. It requires two 6-volt DC Alkaline spring-top lantern batteries each.

PRO BATTERY DRAIN CHIEF- 4 oz./min pump - operates with two spring-top alkaline lantern batteries, 8-alkaline D-cell batteries, or 110 VAC plug-in adaptors. Digital 24-hour timer w/ max of 8 events per day, flexible day combinations, 1-minute increment run time programming, and complete with installation kit

An optional plug-in adaptor is available.
An optional Viton tube is available.

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