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Floor marking tape does not come any tougher than PermaStripe®. PermaStripe® is the world’s toughest floor marking tape, it is unique, and it has a construction that cannot be compared to anything else. PermaStripe is the material designed to meet modern 5S requirements.


Unlike a line marking paint or a line marking resin no fumes are created and there is no curing time ensuring that PermaStripe® is perfect for use in laboratories, pharmaceutical production sites, food preparation areas etc. As PermaStripe® is solid it does not need to dry, it can be walked on immediately after application. If a company wants to ensure that there is no production downtime then PermaStripe® is the material of choice, all production can continue whilst the aisle marking is applied and can be used immediately afterwards.

Sizes & Colors

Our heavy-duty floor marking tape is produced in 13 industry required colors; black, glow in the dark, yellow, yellow/black, green, red, white, red/white, blue, black/white, orange and fluorescent yellow. Three roll sizes are available 2”x98’, 3”x98’ and 4”x98’.


The construction is a solid homogenous piece of flexible plastic 0.05” thick. Unlike normal floor marking tape the color is not a print, the color is an integral part of the product, and it cannot be removed by solvents or even scraped away, even if someone scrapes it the color remains. PermaStripe® is so incredibly thick the edge has to be chamfered to prevent it from becoming a trip hazard. Each roll has is produced individually, not slit, we apply the adhesive using a special laminator, the adhesive is coated completely edge to edge, if an adhesive material is going to fail then it will fail on the edges, no one manages to lift up the middle without edge failure first. PermaStripe® uniquely has an edge to edge adhesive.

Even though PermaStripe® is so tough it can even be removed, its extreme strength ensures that it will not snap or fracture, resulting in the unique ability to change the color of individual areas, a green recycling area can be changed to become a red reject site, all with ease, imagine trying to do that with a line marking paint or a line marking resin!

PermaStripe® marking tape conforms to OSHA regulations and standards, OSHA stipulates that a business must follow this set of rules:

  • All places of employment shall be kept clean and in an orderly fashion, all passageways should be kept clear from obstruction
  • Where mechanical handling equipment such as forklifts are in use, sufficient safe clearances shall be made for aisles, loading bays, doorways and turning zones and ways of passage.
  • Permanent aisles and passageways for machinery and personnel shall be marked as appropriate.

PermaStripe® is the solution, this heavy-duty floor marking is a durable and hard-wearing tape, which also follows and helps to meet all of the requirements for this section of OSHA 1910.22 (Walking-Working Surfaces). If OSHA regulations are not followed, a citation will be issued showing non-conformance with their regulations, these can be followed up with a large fine, going into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, this can affect a companies reputation, and cripple them financially. Heskins® realizes that reputation is a key feature of the business. PermaStripe® can solve these problems, what else would you expect from the worlds toughest line marking material?

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