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 As PermaStripe is so tough it can even be removed, its extreme strength ensures that it will not snap or fracture, resulting in the unique ability to change the color of individual areas, a green recycling area can be changed to become a red reject site, all with ease, imagine trying to do that with a line marking paint or a line marking resin!

Permastripe marking tape conforms to OSHA regulations and standards, OSHA stipulate that a business must follow this set of rules:
The construction is a solid homogenous piece of flexible plastic 0.043” thick. Unlike normal floor marking tape the color is not a print, the color is an integral part of the product, and it cannot be removed by solvents or even scraped away, even if someone scrapes it the color remains. PermaStripe is so incredibly thick the edge has to be chamfered to prevent it becoming a trip hazard
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