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Glow in the dark PermaStripe is the latest development of the PermaStripe range. PermaStripe has no equal; it is the world’s toughest aisle marking material, instantly applied homogenous, lots of adhesive etc. It is little wonder that it is so popular. Glow in the dark PermaStripe uses the exact same construction as the normal PermaStripe range but with the added bonus of being photoluminescent. The entire material is impregnated with photoluminescent powder providing fantastic levels of glow lights out situations. The level of light emission is measured in millicandela. Millicandela data can be provided. Under daylight or artificial light, the colour is a light green colour, but during the nighttime or lights are out then immediately the product emits a bright white light. Glow in the dark PermaStripe is recharged by natural or artificial light sources. It is ideal for the following applications;

• Walkways
• Highlighting access to exits
• Warehouses/factories with no natural lighting
• Locations that are prone to power failure

H6901X Glow in the dark PermaStripe is available in 3 roll widths; 50mm, 75mm and 100mm. The normal roll length is 30m. We can produce various shapes and die cuts, please enquire for more information.

PermaStripe is an extremely durable line marking material, possessing an adhesive that uniquely reaches both edges to prevent any lifting; the entire colour is homogenous and is not a print that can easily be scratched off. Photoluminescent PermaStripe is compatible with the custom-designed applicator. The applicator enables to user to apply PermaStripe accurately at a rate of 30m every 2 minutes.

  • Highlights areas in low light or lights our situations
  • No downtime necessary to apply
  • Effective line marking during the day also
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