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Heskin's non-slip fabric is a versatile and very useful anti-slip mesh product. We produce many types, thicknesses, and colors; adhesive and non-adhesive formats are available.

Non-slip fabrics are created by applying an anti-slip foam onto a polyester mesh. The anti-slip mesh gives the product excellent strength, with the foam providing reassuringly effective slip protection. All the non-adhesive materials are waterproof and perform just as effectively in wet environments. Whilst durable during the application, Heskin's non-slip fabric is easily cut to shape using scissors or knives.

The non-slip foam has tiny air bubbles inside the structure. When pressure is applied (be it from an item, a standing person, etc.), the foam compresses, allowing the material to envelop the item partially, thus creating superb levels of grip. As Heskins produces many different anti-slip fabric formats, we can offer different levels of foam resistance. This will affect how much pressure it absorbs and works effectively under. The entire range is free from abrasive minerals, preventing damage to valuable or delicate objects.

The non-slip fabric range is extremely cost-effective. Heskins can offer you superb prices on the entire range; far lower than you would expect.

Most of Heskin's anti-slip fabric range is produced in large, full-length master rolls. We can die-cut to any shape via either a flatbed or rotary process.

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