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MR. GREEN - High Performance Extreme Condition Tube Grease

MR. GREEN - High Performance Extreme Condition Tube Grease

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MR. GREEN is recommended for severe applications in many industries. It is particularly suitable for high-speed bearings and centralized lubrication systems. MR. GREEN is recommended for use in automotive as well as extreme pressure applications. MR. GREEN is suitable anywhere where shear stable, high load carrying, corrosion resistant grease is required—forming a protective film, resisting rust and corrosion.

Resists chemical breakdown and oxidation. This waterproof lubricant will not wash out. Resistant to corrosive saltwater environments.

For use on the high and low-speed ball and roller bearings, couplings, mechanical linkages, pumps, universal joints, ball joints, fifth wheels, and other severe service requirements.

Areas of use include aircraft manufacturers, construction equipment manufacturers, new and used car dealers, automotive parts stores, farm machinery and equipment, and highway paving contractors.

  • Calcium sulfonate grease with oxidation inhibitors & extreme pressure additives for severe applications
  • Protects surfaces against corrosion and resulting seizing from fresh or salt water
  • Suitable for high-speed bearings & centralized lubrication systems
  • Outstanding film strength

10 - 14 oz. cartridges/case

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