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Metalized micro prismatic DOT tape features a reflective surface covered in man-made, 3-point prisms. When a light source hits these, the light bends and reflects inside them returning approximately 80% of the light back to the source. The prism's construction ensures more retroreflective accuracy than other DOT tapes ensuring heightened visibility.

Compared to SEALED MICRO PRISMATIC DOT TAPE  metalized is a much leaner construction, which makes it less rigid and more malleable around tighter or rounded surfaces during application.

If maintained correctly, metalized micro prismatic DOT tape can have a performance length up to 10 years. This is not a guarantee and will depend entirely on your maintenance routines. However, it is these performance levels that make micro prismatic DOT tape the preferred choice of OEMs.

Metalized micro prismatic DOT tape has the following benefits:

  • Silver finish
  • More flexible
  • Offers leaner application
  • Application in temperatures as low as 32°F
  • Repositionable
  • Delamination resistant


Metalized micro prismatic DOT tape is available for immediate dispatch in roll sizes of 2” x 150ft. Color choices are 6” x 6” red/white, 7” x 11” red/white, and red and white.

If you want to increase your brand as well as vehicle visibility, you can find out more information on our custom printed DOT tape page.

• Concentrates light reflection
• Reflects for greater distances
• Can have a retro-reflective performance of up to 10 years

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