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LIBERATE Penetrant with Moly & PTFE

LIBERATE Penetrant with Moly & PTFE

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LIBERATE is a scientifically formulated penetrating oil and rust dissolver containing PTFE and Moly micron-sized particles. This super penetrant carries the PTFE and molybdenum disulfide particles into the threads, notches, etc. These particles act as millions of tiny ball bearings to prevent seizing and galling while the parts are removed.

For use on all dismantling jobs throughout the plant, shop or wherever parts are frozen or hard to operate. Quickly loosens rusted nuts, studs, bolts, flanges, and pipe joints.

  • Contains PTFE and Moly for high-pressure performance and decreased metal wear
  • Clinging formula for improved lubricity and coverage 
  • It does not contain silicone or chlorinated solvents
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