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Steve Wilford



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Unframed- 15 Posters
Condition: + Mint
Performers: Led Zeppelin,(Rick Derringer & JudasPriest not on poster)
Date: July 23, 24, 1977
Artist: Randy Tuten & Bill Bostedt
Hand-signed by both artists

Rand Tuten informed me that 10 sets of 15 posters were produced.
This set belonged to Bill Bostedt.
Call Steve for shipping details @ 843-621-3126

Led Zeppelin's performance occurred towards the end of its 1977 North American tour. Unknown then, these were to be Led Zeppelin's final U.S. shows due to the sudden death of Robert Plant's young son Karac in the UK. The July 23 show was followed by the infamous beating backstage and in a band trailer of one of Bill Graham's crew by Led Zeppelin's road manager and security manager. The July 24 show almost did not occur because of the brawl.
The following segment by Steven Rosen-Rock, a journalist
I was standing right by the trailer when all this went down. Peter Grant’s kid (Warren), spoiled, was there. And he walked into a secure area, and one of Bill Graham’s guards moved him aside; he didn’t hurt him or anything. The Bindon brothers and Peter grabbed this guy, took him into one of the trailers, and beat the crap out of him. I wasn’t in the trailer, but I was right outside, and this guy was pretty tough and they were taking him apart. From what I understand they tried to pull out one of his eyes, really bad shit. John Bindon, who was in on this, subsequently murdered a guy and went to prison for life.
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