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Non-abrasive materials are our fastest-growing range of materials. Although they still offer lower levels of Coefficient of Friction (grip) compared to our abrasive safety-grip range, the gap is closing; Coarse Resilient, Resilient, and Cushion Grip all offer CoF levels over UKSRG stipulations for grip in both dry and wet conditions. Coarse Resilient and Coarse Resilient Lean offer non-slip levels much higher than the stipulated standards.

H3451 Coarse Resilient Lean has a heavily textured embossed surface. Unlike a conventional embossed surface (such as our aqua-safe) this material possesses deep valleys and sharp peaks; this change in peak-to-valley creates fantastic grip levels. The hybrid plastic we use offers better grip levels than a conventional plastic film; it has a ‘give’ built-in allowing traffic to press in slightly, thereby creating grip.

Our Coarse Resilient is non-abrasive and can be used in any area, unlike an abrasive alternative. As H3451 Coarse Resilient Lean is an embossed material, it has no hidden areas that can harbor dirt, bacteria, etc. The entire surface is exposed, meaning that when cleaned, it can be cleaned thoroughly and efficiently; unlike an abrasive material, it will not damage mops or cleaning equipment. Non-abrasive non-slip materials are ideal for food preparation areas, sterile facilities, kitchens, etc. Non-abrasive material will not damage or abrade skin making it ideal around children, near sensitive equipment, and other applications.

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