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Glow-in-the-dark anti-slip tape is a popular material. To combine two very popular products; glow-in-the-dark tape with anti-skid tape. Glow-in-the-dark slip tape is produced in three primary color options, plain color, hazard chevrons, or Glow Stripe (a 2” black roll with a central stripe of photoluminescent egress tape). In daytime or lights on the scenario, the material is a mild green shade; in lights out, they emit a bright white glow. The upper resin coating is impregnated with a photoluminescent powder, which contains non-radioactive photons, and these photons absorb energy from either natural or artificial light sources. When lighting diminishes, the powder releases the stored energy as white light. This light helps to illuminate many areas safely:


Glow-in-the-dark safety tape is supplied in either rolls or die-cut shapes. Roll lengths are typically 60’, but any length available from 5’ to 300’ is available; roll widths are from ¾” up to 46” (we can slit to less than 1/2” on special request, but we impose a small minimum order quantity as we have to change to special narrow cutting blades). Any shape can be produced, and our web-fed computer-controlled presses are accurate down to fractions of an inch meeting any imposed tolerance.


The base is self-adhesive with a permanent adhesive; it adheres securely to almost all surfaces; if applied onto a porous surface such as wood, concrete, or stone we recommend using a surface primer prior to application to help create a stable substrate, our video section will show this in detail.


Areas that can be tricky to navigate in low light or lights out situations, applying glow in the dark safety tape can help illuminate the area, allowing you to quickly, calmly and safely, navigate them in time of need. Whole steps and platforms, if applicable can be highlighted.

Stair Nosings

Stair nosings can be a common area for causes of slips, missteps being the most obvious accidents. Applying glow in the dark anti slip tape to the stair nosing can create a hi-viz, non slip edge that will ensure heightened safety when ascending or descending steps.

Access Areas

Highlighting access points is vital in not only ensuring they are kept clear but so they can be easily found during times of emergency. Using a combination of glow in the dark safety tape can ensure that it remains visible and safe during lights out or low light situations.


Reducing the risk of falls from ledges is vital; thus, adding a hi-viz, anti slip product such as glow-in-the-dark anti-slip tape will ensure that slips and missteps are less likely to occur.The upper anti skid surface provides industry-leading levels of grip, far in excess of any or planned state, federal or international slip standard, we can supply Coefficient of Friction data (how grip levels are measured) to help with insurance requirements if required.

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