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FlowGrip is Heskins thinnest non-abrasive material to date, all while being tough yet flexible with excellent anti-slip properties.

Not only superb for use as anti-slip or grip enhancement on surfaces with extreme angles but it is also deployed on surfaces as impact protection.

The adhesive is different from regular products; due to its requirements for use, we had to modify it to hold the material around sharp angles. Flexible plastic films are made so by the addition of plasticizers. Plasticizers eventually degrade an adhesive applied to plastic films. In typical application situations, this does not affect performance, but for applications that FlowGrip is used for, it would reduce the likelihood of its effectiveness when applied to sharp angles. Therefore, we created an adhesive that would resist the adverse effects of the plasticizers, allowing FlowGrip to perform as intended.

The toughness of FlowGrip does not affect the non-slip performance nor prevents it from being malleable enough to apply around extreme angles.

H3455 FlowGrip is available for immediate dispatch in 25mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, and 1260mm master logs. However, upon request, roll widths from 19mm are possible. All roll lengths are 18.3 meters.

While FlowGrip is only available in black at present, our custom services allow us to create any color you require that matches Pantone or RAL references.

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