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Flexi-Grip, as the name may imply, is a highly flexible, non-abrasive anti-slip tape, allowing it to be applied to tight-angled surfaces, such as those found on firearms. The flexibility of Flexi-Grip ensures it will adhere to a surface effectively, making it very unlikely that it will lift or affect the contours of the application surface.


Flexi-Grip is constructed with as thin a depth as possible to balance flexibility and durability within its most popular application. This is done to reduce the possibility of increasing surface dimensions which could be detrimental to the user.

Like all Heskins LLC’s non-abrasive materials, it is kind to bare skin. The choice was made during the initial development phase for the material to be made as a non-abrasive, with the same embossing process as coarse resilient, but with a different pattern allowing for “sharper” peaks. Doing this allows for more outstanding grip and greater control for users to be clinical when necessary.

Flexi-Grips construction is finished by applying an aggressive, water-resistant adhesive to help it effectively bond with more challenging, angular surfaces.

Our latest grip tape is designed for gun grips on firearms as the additional grip is sometimes required on sliders, magazines, handguards, and pistol grips, to name a few areas. The entire construction of Flexi-Grip has been developed with this specific application in mind.

We have developed this material with all manufacturers in mind to give them a number one choice when producing gun grip kits. It is suitable for other applications where tight, challenging surfaces, whether handheld or walking, are prevalent.


You can purchase Flexi-Grip in pre-cut rolls measuring 1”, 2” and 4” in width at a length of 60 feet. Any width of roll up to 49.5” and die-cuts in various shapes are possible.

Currently available in black, we plan to release it in coyote brown and other colors will be produced in the future dependent on success.

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