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DYNAMO Wasp & Hornet Killer

DYNAMO Wasp & Hornet Killer

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DYNAMO is an EPA-registered residual insecticide effective against hornets, wasps, yellow jackets, and bees on contact. It continues killing as insects return to the nest.

It has a dielectric strength of 47,300 volts and a power jet spray that reaches up to 20 feet, providing a safer application method than conventional means. It acts as a barrier preventing insects from entering the home. It contains Permethrin and Tetramethrin, synergized with Piperonyl Butoxide.

Kills yellow jackets, hornets, wasps, and bees. For use in and around schools, hospitals, industrial plants, tank farms, warehouses, attics, basements, and patios.

  • Fast acting—kills on contact.
  • Use indoors and outdoors
  • Kills with residual action
  • The jet spray will reach nests up to 20 feet above ground
  • The dielectric breakdown voltage of 47,300 volts

12 - 20 oz cans/case, 12 oz net weight.
H-2, F-1, R-0, P-A

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