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Heskins Ltd is thoroughly distributing DOT tape, with the intention of supplying European manufacturers for trailers and vehicles intended for operation in the USA.

Heskins H6602 DOT tape is a glass bead version, using, as the name suggests, microscopic glass beads applied to the surface in a honeycomb-shaped grid. This formation allows a sufficient portion of the light shone at the surface to reflect directly back at the source in a wide cone that is suitable to allow perfect visibility to increase safety and reduce the risk of collisions in any lighting condition.

Its performance is unquestionable. Constructed in the same way as all other top-quality DOT tapes, resulting in an impact-proof, UV stable reflective material that will apply to any clean, dry surface such as aluminum, steel, and fiberglass with its self-adhesive base.

H6602 DOT Tape Regulations

H6602 is regulated by the FMCSA, which certifies the use of DOT tape for North & South America as well as the middle-east. As many of the US truck and trailer operators use trucks manufactured in European factories, the mandatory application of DOT tape means that additional cost would be incurred by importing it from the US to only have to send it back that way. With Heskins supplying from within Europe, these additional costs would be avoided for these manufacturers, creating a more cost-effective method of ensuring all trucks and trailers they manufacture meet requirements for the certification and regulations, truck, trailer, and large, commercial vehicle operation in the USA.

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