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COBRA Foaming Alkaline Condenser Coil Cleaner

COBRA Foaming Alkaline Condenser Coil Cleaner

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COBRA condenser coil cleaner is an alkaline-based formula that sprays through coils as a liquid. After 20 to 30 seconds, it begins to foam heavily, pushing contaminants and oxides to the surface to be easily rinsed away. Cobra does not atomize; there is no burning sensation in the user’s hands and arms. Biodegradable, phosphate-free, and USDA-authorized.

An excellent product for air conditioners, central cooling systems, refrigeration systems, and auto air conditioners. For use in hotels/motels, homes, office buildings, air conditioners, and auto repair services.

  • Improves heat exchange efficiency
  • Premium alkaline-based, non-acid formula
  • Reduced fuming & odorless
  • Delayed heavy foaming action
  • VOC content is 0%

Gallons (4x1), Drum (55 gal), Pails (5, 6 gal)
H-3, F-0, R-1, P-C

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