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Coarse resilient tape is perfect for areas that need a non-slip surface, however, it is perfect for barefoot traffic and areas exposed to water, such as gym washrooms, swimming pools, and boats. Due to coarse resilient being waterproof and non-abrasive, it will cater to both of these.

Coarse resilient anti slip tape is an embossed plastic film, which while being non-abrasive still possesses high levels of CoF (coefficient of friction). Using the embossing technique on most of our non-abrasive materials creates an excellent surface texture that has high levels of CoF. Using a technique of micro blowing while the material is still molten can create deep troughs and valleys, which can increase levels of CoF. A deeper pattern allows for less clogging by contaminants such as dust, ice, water, etc.

Coarse resilient tape is available in 3 different variants.

  • Easy to clean
  • No grit to shed
  • Kind to skin and clothing
  • Waterproof
  • For more demanding areas
  • Available in rolls from 19mm to 1346mm
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