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Our resilient anti-slip tape is constructed from plastic and manipulated during manufacturing to give it a rubber feel whilst retaining the dimensional stabilities of plastic. Its lack of peaks and valleys means it will not harbor bacteria, making it very easy to clean, therefore, an excellent material for use in catering and clinical environments, where strict hygiene standards are always in place.

Resilient anti-slip rubber feel makes the material feel pleasant on bare skin without losing any of its grips, making resilience an ideal choice for places where bare feet regularly contact the floor, e.g., swimming pools, nurseries, or baths and showers at home!

Please note: Resilient anti-slip tape cannot be applied underwater but can be submerged once it has been applied to a surface and has had time to cure.

Anti Slip Stair Nosing

Ensuring the places where your staff/visitors will be most vulnerable are safe is one of the first actions to take, and adding anti-slip stair nosing is simple but highly effective. Many buildings will require anti-slip stair nosing with excellent grip and durability and prevent accelerated wear and tear of footwear or clothing. Resilient is as easy to apply as any other safety tape; measure the desired length, cut, and stick to the edge of steps to create a long-lasting, high-quality non-slip stair nosing.

We can supply resilient for non-slip stair nosing in rolls or cut pieces in various colors to suit your requirements.

Resilient anti-slip tape is not only suitable for non-slip stair nosing, but it is also perfect for applications near or in contact with water. This material is waterproof, and our adhesive will not break down in water easily, making this material ideal for showers, boats, and other marine applications. ( please note that resilient anti-slip tape can not be applied underwater but can be used in areas submerged in water. )

Resilient anti-slip tape is available in sizes from 1″x60ft up to 47″x60ft and a range of die cuts for immediate dispatch.

  • Easy to clean
  • No grit to shed
  • Kind to skin and clothing
  • Waterproof
  • Rubber feel to the surface
  • Available in rolls from 1″ up to 47″
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