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Aqua-safe antislip tape is a standard non-abrasive tape suitable for areas exposed to water. Its plastic construction ensures dimensional stability, and then the surface is embossed to create a texture to prevent slips. Manipulation during production gives it a rubber feel, which is kind to bare skin.

Aqua Safe is the original non-abrasive waterproof anti-slip tape and the basis for many following materials. Aqua Safe was the ideal solution for areas where abrasive anti-slip materials could not be used. This could be where the material could come into contact with bare skin often or where cleanliness is needed, like a kitchen or a laboratory. Abrasive materials are notoriously hard to clean due to their peaks and troughs throughout the material, which makes them unsuitable for specific applications.

Aqua-safe anti-slip tape is an entirely waterproof grip tape, allowing the material to be applied in areas where abrasive anti-slip tape cannot, swimming pools, showers, baths and bathrooms, restaurant kitchens, and more. When wet or dry, Aqua Safe waterproof grip tape has a CoF (Coefficient of Friction), which meets all standards, ensuring a solid grip. Due to this material's waterproof features, We decided to produce a remarkable die-cut range of Aqua-safe anti-slip discs and strips, perfect for applications in baths and showers. This way, no material will be wasted, and the application is much easier as there is no need for measuring and cutting.

Please note: Aqua-safe anti-slip tape cannot be applied underwater but can be submerged once applied to a surface and has had time to cure.

Gravel Guard

A new application we found for aqua-safe anti-slip tape is a gravel guard. Gravel guard is Aqua Safe applied to a truck or car, which stops gravel from scratching or puncturing the vehicle's bodywork. Due to the colors we offer, Aqua Safe can be applied without being noticed, making your protection not change the aesthetics of your vehicle or depending on your color preference.

More information can be found here.

Aqua Safe Sizes

Aqua-safe waterproof non-slip tape can be found in sizes from 1″x60ft to 47″x60ft rolls and die cuts. We can create aqua-safe in any size, shape, or color, dependent on order quantity.

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