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HydroSolv Cleaning Station

HydroSolv Cleaning Station

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The HydroSolv is a complete cleaning machine designed to remove all stains from virtually any fabric. The HydroSolv System utilizes both solvent and aqueous cleaners. This dual-use ability allows operators to clean “dry sides” stains, such as grease, oil, and dirt, and “wet side” stains, such as blood, food, and rust. The HydroSolv is made to be placed on a table surface - ideal for dry cleaners, laundries, apparel manufacturers, hotels, and clothing retailers. With the addition of the Alba-Steam System, users create a fully functional industrial spotting board in 3 sq ft of table space. Includes: 2 HydroSolv Pneumatic Spray Guns, Jet-Air Drying Gun, Powerful Vacuum Exhaust Motor, and a stainless steel cleaning arm.

  • Removes possible harmful fumes from the workplace
  • Dries fabric quickly
  • Reduces or eliminates "rings."
  • Provides a clean workspace for spotting
  • Heavy gauge steel construction with stainless steel cleaning arm (buck)
  • Cleans a wide variety of stains on a wide variety of fabrics
  • Made in Italy
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