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D-Grade Ink De-Gradient

D-Grade Ink De-Gradient

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D-Grade Ink Degradent Screen Wash quickly breaks down plastisol, solvent, graphic and other types of screen printing inks. A powerful cleaner with a low odor, D-Grade makes the reclamation process fast and easy. Drain safe and biodegradable, D-Grade can be used on press, in a washout booth or recirculating system.

  • Specially formulated to remove plastisol ink from both water resistant and pure photopolymer type stencils without softening or damaging the stencil
  • Excellent ink degradent for the removal of offset from rollers and blankets. Will not swell the rubber surface
  • Excellent emulsifying and degreasing properties
  • Dissolves fresh and dried printing inks currently utilized by the industry
  • Low vapor pressure, and low odor
  • Completely biodegradable with low volatility. Washes off with water
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