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EXPRESS Wipes Vinyl & Rubber Protectant with UV Blocker

EXPRESS Wipes Vinyl & Rubber Protectant with UV Blocker

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EXPRESS WIPES VINYL & RUBBER PROTECTANT wipes condition, beautify and protect vinyl, rubber, leather, and plastic. They are premoistened with an advanced water-based silicone formula to clean and restore the surfaces original shine quickly and safely.

For use both inside and outside the vehicle to keep dashboards from drying, cracking and fading from sun exposure, clean and polish side moldings, rubber bumpers, cup holders, door and window seals and even plastic hub caps. The wipes contain an anti-static ingredient that repels dust and keeps surfaces looking new long after they’ve been cleaned.

Use to clean vinyl, rubber, leather, and plastic in homes, offices, furniture stores, hotels, in vehicles, and more.

  • Anti-static ingredient repels dust to prolong surface life
  • Cleans and polishes in one easy step
  • No mess to clean up or cloths to wash like with liquid products—simply use and discard just what you need

40 premoistened wipes per container, 6 containers per case.
H-1, F-1, R-0, P-0

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