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PURITY-Food Grade Lubricant & Protectant

PURITY-Food Grade Lubricant & Protectant

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PURITY lubricates food preparation appliances and machinery. Also, an excellent metal surface cleaner and polish. Easy to apply; safe to use. NSF H-1.

Food preparation machines include mixers, slicers, cutters, shredders, grinders, and ice cream servers. Areas of use include bakeries, restaurants, concession areas, food processing plants and producers, breweries, wineries, and more.

  • 100% biodegradable & odorless
  • Petroleum white mineral oil
  • Convenient one-step application
  • Meets 21 CFR 172.878, 178.3620, 573.680
  • Meets NSF H-1 standards

Pints (12x1), Gallons (4x1), 5 or 6-gallon pails, 55-gallon drums 
H-0, F-1, R-0, P-A

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