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LOOSE SCREW 4-in-1 Lubricant & Penetrant with PTFE

LOOSE SCREW 4-in-1 Lubricant & Penetrant with PTFE

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LOOSE SCREW is a non-flammable, 4-in-1 formula that penetrates, lubricates, displaces moisture, and resists corrosion.

Factories, truck lines, delivery services, transit systems, schools, machine shops, service stations, airlines, air maintenance shops, and general industries use this lubricant. Contains no ozone depleters.

LOOSE SCREW excels as a:

  • LUBRICANT: Superior, long-lasting lubricant explicitly made to hold contact with metal, rubber, metal-to-rubber, or rubber-to-rubber contact and fortified with ultra-slick PTFE, which lowers inter-surface friction and increases lubricity.
  • PENETRANT: Penetrates frozen or rusted-on nuts, bolts, joints, coupling, pipe threads, or other parts and freed them for use.
  • WATER DISPLACER: Displaces water and moisture from electric contacts, mechanical controllers, machinery parts, equipment, and many other water-sensitive surfaces, keeping them functioning to peak efficiency.
  • CORROSION INHIBITOR: Adds a protective layer onto the surface to provide a physical barrier to water and oxygen to control corrosion on various surfaces.
  • Non-Flammable
  • 4-in-1 Lubricating & Penetrating Oil
  • Displaces Moisture
  • Contains PTFE to Increase Lubricity
  • Inhibits Rust & Corrosion

Available in 5 or 6-gallon pails and 55-gallon drums.
H-2, F-1, R-0, P-C

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