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Wilchem MR. MECHANIC Liquid Light-Duty Lubrican

Wilchem MR. MECHANIC Liquid Light-Duty Lubrican

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MR. MECHANIC is a USDA authorized greaseless light-duty lubricant for general use. It provides four-way action: cleans, lubricates, penetrates, and prevents rust.

This product is formulated with a light mineral oil blended in a petroleum distillate base with a corrosion preventative that will ensure long-lasting protection.

Use it to lubricate and prevent corrosion of nuts, bolts, corroded parts, door hinges, locks, machine parts, gears, slides, wire cables, and other turning and sliding parts.

A liberal application will loosen threads, tighten fitted parts, sliding and rotating parts, bolts, hinges, and pins that have been "frozen" by corrosion.

MR. MECHANIC forms a powerful, multiple-action protective shield against the harmful effects of moisture and corrosion.

It displaces water and moisture and protects electrical gear, metal, and other surfaces from deterioration. It seals all surfaces with a complete molecular film and preserves equipment, thus reducing repair and maintenance costs.

It is ideal for garages, oil rigs, homes, machine shops, assembly plants, electronics repair shops, service stations, locksmiths, industrial shops, factories, and air conditioner repair businesses.

5-gallon pails; 55-gallon drums

H-1, F-2, R-0, P-A 

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