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MICRO-DRY PTFE Dry Lubricant & Release Agent

MICRO-DRY PTFE Dry Lubricant & Release Agent

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MICRO-DRY is a no-mess, non-staining dry lubricant. The low-odor, colorless formula is non-oily but slicker than silicone and graphite. Excellent anti-stick properties for an effective release on die casts and injection molds. It contains an excellent polytetrafluoroethylene powder, creating a lubricant film effective over a wide temperature range (-100°F to 500°F).

Excellent for use on hinges, gears, metal extrusions, axles, pulleys bushings, munitions, locks and catches, synthetic filters, machine parts, cord, twine or rope, chains, paper, glass, leather and elastomers. Use as a release agent on conveyor belts, chutes and skids, industrial blenders, bins, and spray booths.

  • No Hexane
  • Colorless, Non-Staining, Low-odor
  • Oil Free

12 - 16 oz cans/case, 10 oz net weight 
H-1, F-3, R-0, P-B

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