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SILI LUBE Heavy Duty Silicone Spray

SILI LUBE Heavy Duty Silicone Spray

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SILI LUBE is a multi-purpose silicone spray. It is nonflammable (safe to use in plant areas) and nonconductive to 28,000 volts. This formulation uses a high-viscosity silicone that provides long-lasting lubrication and protection. Stable in temperatures up to 400°F.

It cleans, shines, and leaves a protective film on rusted parts, wire cables, door hinges, chains, hoists, pulleys, cranes, forklifts, sprockets, gears, block and tackle, conveyors, construction machinery, industrial parts, and locks.

Use it to stop drawers, windows, doors, screens, zippers, and locks from sticking. Eliminates annoying squeaks in hinges, latches, springs, etc. It prevents car doors, locks, and trunk moldings from sticking.

Great use on farms, oil rigs and refineries, bottling plants, dairies, paper mills, cotton gins, air conditioning, industrial plants, textile plants, lumber mills, cement plants, and automotive/motorcycle/marine repair.

  • Reduces metal-to-metal noises and rubber-to-metal squeaks
  • Clean, non-staining formula
  • Waterproof and rustproof
  • Non-flammable

12 - 16 oz cans/case, 15 oz net weight
H-2, F-0, R-1, P-C

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