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Aerial Essence

AE-3000F Aroma Oil Diffuser Pedestal Style

AE-3000F Aroma Oil Diffuser Pedestal Style

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The AE-3000F Aroma Oil Diffuser Pedestal is perfect for lobbies and foyers of all sizes. It covers a range of up to 105,944 cubic feet and can be controlled via an LDC Touch Screen or WIFI App for added convenience.

 Product Features:

1. Control: LCD screen + touch button, mobile App WIFI control.
2. Power: electric, 110-240V, 50/60 HZ.
3. Installation: Floor standing.
4. Memory record: memory battery inside for saving the time setting.
5. Work time: 5 working period time programming, 24 hours from Monday to Sunday, 10-200 seconds for choice for work/pause time.
6. Fan: built-in fan for better fragrance diffusion.
7. Noise: low noise. Built-in mute spare part.
8. Spray: from up, big fog.
9. Oil bottle: aluminium 500ml bottle, 
Optional plastic 800ml bottle.

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