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LIGHTS OUT Bed Bug Killer

LIGHTS OUT Bed Bug Killer

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LIGHTS OUT is a water-based pesticide developed especially to control bed bugs. When applied as directed on the labeling, LIGHTS OUT will kill bed bugs on contact. 100% mortality occurs within 5-10 minutes of application, depending on the life stage.

LIGHTS OUT is also effective on other insects, cockroaches, ants, millipedes, carpet beetles, and fleas. Any listed insects coming into contact with a surface treated with LIGHTS OUT will be killed for up to 30 days after application.

LIGHTS OUT Bed Bug Killer is made only with ingredients that qualify for the 25(b) exemption in the EPA Pesticide Regulations. These products are not required to be registered as a pesticide by the EPA.

  • Kills cockroaches, ants, millipedes, carpet beetles & fleas
  • Kills listed insects within 5-10 minutes after application
  • Residual action for up to 30 days after application
  • Pleasant cinnamon fragrance

12 x 1 quarts, 4 x 1 gallons.
6 x 1 quarts are private label only.          
H-1, F-0, R-0, P-A.

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